California’s employment laws are extensive, covering a wide range of rights and protections afforded to both employers and employees. The ever-changing protocols can become confusing for both employer and employee. Unfortunately, confusion and miscommunication about these laws and how they are implemented within the workplace can become a catalyst for litigation.

Whether you are an employer seeking advice on policies, procedures, laws or regulations and whether they have been properly implemented within the workplace, or an employee who feels that your rights have been infringed upon by your employer, we are here to help.

Winet Patrick Gayer Creighton & Hanes has a dedicated team that can assist clients in both the private and public sector. Both employer and employee can rely on the fact that the firm has handled a multitude of employment cases on behalf of school districts, public entities and businesses as well as private persons in proceedings involving all aspects of employment law. Whether the issue involved is racial discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, disability discrimination, a failure to accommodate, sexual orientation/gender identity discrimination, a hostile work environment or other violation of public policy, we know how to address it.

While the entire WPGCH team is experienced in employment litigation, in addition to her law degree, Jennifer S. Creighton, has a Masters of Law in Business and Corporate Law with an emphasis in Employment Discrimination and has focused a large part of her practice over the past 20 years in this area.

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