Race DiscriminationIt is against both California and federal law for employers to discriminate based on an individual’s race, color, ethnicity, and/or their national origin. Racial discrimination is prohibited in all areas of employment practices, including but not limited to: advertising, interviews, hiring, and promoting.

If you are an employer who needs help eliminating discriminatory practices, or an employee who has been treated unfairly, we are here to help you. If your business has received a charge of discrimination from the DFEH or EEOC, or has been sued because of alleged racial discrimination, which you contend is unfounded, you need aggressive legal representation. The law favors employees in nearly all situations under both state and federal laws. These laws are frequently a trap for the unwary. Not only can your business be subject to penalties and fines, or even a civil judgment, but attorney’s fees may be recoverable by a prevailing employee. Your business cannot afford to stand by the wayside and roll the dice with state or federal agencies, a judge or a jury. You need to immediately take steps to protect your business. WPGCH is here to help guide you through an administrative law investigation, assist your business in reaching an amicable resolution of a valid claim, or fight a claim which lacks merit. Contact us today.

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